DATE: 07/18/2024

Territory Events 2024

Alaskan Village

Saturday, May 11th- Open Up Work Part, 10am.

Saturday, May 18th- Meet and Greet Meeting, 10am.

Saturday, May 25th- Mardi Gras Poker Run, 5-7pm.


Saturday, June 1st- Cubs in the Woods, 11am- 1 pm.

Saturday, June 8th- Bake Sale, 10am- Noon.

Saturday, June 15th- Meeting 10am.

Saturday, June 29th- Bear Hunt, 4-6pm.


Saturday, July 6th- Breakfast, 8am- until Sold Out.

Saturday, July 13th- Kid's Fishing Derby, 9-11am.

Saturday, July 20th- Meeting, 10am.


Saturday, August 3rd- Kid's Candy Bar Bingo, 7-8pm.

Saturday, August 10th- Flea Market, 9am- Noon.

Saturday, August 17th- Meeting, 10am.


Saturday, September 7th- Kid's Day, 2-4pm.

Saturday, September 21st- Meeting/Close Up Work Party, 10am.


:)Building open for Social Time each Tuesday and Thursday from 8am- Noon

Begins on May 14th and ends September 19th.

Crafts, Rock Painting, Book Exchange, Movies.




Aleutian Territory

Saturday, May 11th- Open Up/ Clean Up Day 10am.

Saturday, May 11th- Golf Cart Registrations, 2-4pm.

Saturday, May 18th- Meeting, Noon.

Saturday, May 18th- Kid's Painting, 2-3pm.

Sunday, May 26th- Poker Run, 2-4pm.


Saturday, June 1st- Bingo, 7-9pm.

Saturday, June 15th- Meeting, Noon.

Saturday, June 15th- Kid's Bike Run, 2-4pm.

Saturday, June 22nd- Kid's Candy Bar Bingo, 4-5pm.

Saturday, June 29th- DJ/ Karaoke, 7-11pm.


Saturday, July 13th- Meeting, Noon.

Saturday, July 13th- Kid's Movie Night, 7pm.

Saturday, July 20th- Poker Run, 3-5pm.

Saturday, July 27th- Bingo, 7-9pm.


Saturday, August 10th- Kid's Fun Day, Noon-1pm.

Saturday, August 10th- Bingo, 7-9pm.

Saturday, August 17th- Meeting with Officer Nominations, Noon.

Saturday, August 31st- Bingo, 7-9pm.


Sunday, September 1st- Poker Run, 5-7pm.

Saturday, September 7th- Meeting with Officer Elections, 6:30pm.

Saturday, September 7th- Bingo, 8-10pm.

Saturday, September 14th- Bingo, 7-9pm.

Saturday, September 21st- Trunk or Treat, 4pm.




Anchorage Territory




Big Bear Territory

Saturday, April 27th- Spring Clean Up, 10am.


Saturday, May 11th- Karaoke, 8-11pm.

Saturday, May 18th- Meeting, 11am.

Saturday, May 18th- Poker Run, 6-8pm.

Saturday, May 25th- Breakfast- 8am- until Sold Out.


Saturday, June 8th- Oldies, 8-11pm.

Saturday, June 15th- Meeting, 11am.

Saturday, June 15th- Poker Run, 6-8pm.

Saturday, June 22nd- Flea Market, 9am-1pm.

Saturday, June 29th- Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner, 4pm until Sold Out.


Saturday, July 6th- Golf Cart Parade, 3pm.

Saturday, July 13th- Corn Hole Tournament, Noon.

Saturday, July 20th- Meeting, 11am.

Saturday, July 20th- Poker Run, 6-8pm.

Saturday, July 27th- Kid's Day, 2-5pm.


Saturday, August 3rd- Ice Cream Social, 7pm.

Saturday, August 10th- Karaoke, 8-11pm.

Saturday, August 17th- Meeting, 11am.

Saturday, August 17th- Poker Run, 5-7pm.

Saturday, August 24th- Hot Dog, Kielbasa, Corn Roast, 3-6pm. *Bring a Covered Dish to Share!

Saturday, August 31st- Breakfast- 8am until Sold Out.


Sunday, September 1st- Benefit Poker Run- Bonnie's Bus, 2-4pm.

Saturday, September 14th- Meeting, 11am.

Saturday, September 14th- Poker Run, 6-8pm.

Saturday, September 21st- Halloween Oldies, 8-11pm.


Dawson/ Kodiak Territory

Saturday, May 18th- Poker Run (KE/KL Building), 2-4pm.

Saturday, May 25th- Benefit Poker Run,BB Animal Rescue (YU/PR Building), Noon- 2pm.


Saturday, June 1st- Territory Meeting, 9am.

Saturday, June 1st- Scavenger Hunt (KE/KL Building), 2-4pm.

Saturday, June 15th- Pepperoni Roll Cookoff (YU/PR Building), 3-5pm.

Saturday, June 29th- Poker Run, 5-7pm.


Saturday, July 20th- Territory Meeting, 9am.

Saturday, July 20th- Poker Run (YU/PR Building), Noon-2pm.


Saturday, August 17th- Territory Meeting, 9am.

Saturday, August 17th- Kid's Event (YU/PR Building), 2-4pm.


Saturday, September 7th- Territory Meeting, 9am.

Saturday, September 7th- Mothman & Cryptid Friends Poker Run (KE/KL Building), 2-5pm.


Ketchikan & Klondike Territory

Friday, May 3rd- Cinco De' Mayo Party, 6-9pm.

Saturday, May 4th- Meeting with Nomination of Officers, 10am.

Friday, May 10th- Mother's Day Craft, 7pm.

Saturday, May 11th- Mother's Day Event, 1-3pm.

Saturday, May 25th- Poker Run, 2-4pm.


Friday, June 7th- Kid's Bingo, 7pm.

Saturday, June 15th- Breakfast, 9am- until Sold Out.

Saturday, June 15th- Father's Day Cornhole Tournament, Noon.

Saturday, June 15th- Father's Day Craft, Noon

Saturday, June 22nd- Kid's Day Extravaganza, 1-3pm.

Saturday, June 22nd- Poker Run, 5-7pm.


Saturday, July 6th- Poker Run, Noon-2pm.

Saturday, July 20th, Meeting/ Election of Officers, 10am.

Saturday, July 20th- Family Movie and Game Night, 7pm.

Saturday, July 27th- Cornhole Tournament, Noon.

Saturday, July 27th- Flea Market and Bake Sale, Noon.


Friday, August 2nd- Community Gathering, 7pm.

Saturday, August 10th- Family Relay Day, 10:30am- Noon.

Saturday, August 17th- Benefit Poker Run- Suicide Awareness, Noon- 3pm.

Saturday, August 31st- Cornhole Tourament, Noon


Sunday, September 1st- Breakfast, 9am until Sold Out.

Sunday, September 1st- Cornhole Tournament, Noon.

Saturday, September 14th- Poker Run, Noon- 2pm.

Saturday, September 21st- Halloween/ Fall Festival, 7pm.


Saturday, October 5th- Meeting, 10am.

Saturday, October 5th- Chili Cook Off/ Bake Sale, Noon.


Yukon & Prospect Territory

Saturday, May 11th- Meeting and Cleaning Building, 10am.

Saturday, May 18th- Bingo, 5-8pm.

Saturday, May 25th- Funnel Cake Sale, 2-4pm.

Sunday, May 26th- Poker Run, 5-7pm.


Saturday, June 8th- Meeting/ Nominations and Potuck Gathering, Noon.

Saturday, June 22nd- Veteran's Celebration, Noon-2pm.

Saturday, June 22nd- Bingo, 4-7pm.

Saturday, June 29th- Poker Run, 1-4pm. Canceled


Saturday, July 6th- Poker Run, 3-5pm.

Sunday, July 7th- Kid's Candy Bar Bingo, 1-3pm.

Saturday, July 13th- Flea Market, 8-11pm.

Saturday, July 27th- Pulled Pork, WV Hot Dogs, Fries, and Drinks, 3-5pm.


Saturday, August 3rd- Kid's Carnival, Noon-3pm.

Saturday, August 10th- Bake Sale, 11am- 1pm.

Saturday, August 10th- Poker Run, 3-5pm.

Saturday, August 24th- Meeting/ Elections of Officers, 10am.

Saturday, August 24th- Karaoke, 7-10pm.

Saturday, August 31st- Poker Run, 2-5pm.


Saturday, September 14th- Big Breakfast, 9am until Sold Out.

Saturday, September 21st- Fall Festival, Noon- 3pm.

Saturday, September 28th- Appreciation Lunch (YU/PR Volunteers Only), Noon



* All events are subject to change.